Company Info

We create a successful gold business
with ICT technology, art and finance.

  • "HANCOM GOLD EXCHANGE INC." builds the bright and transparent
    future of the digital gold ecosystem with 15 years of gold trading know-how
    and cutting-edge ICT-based converging technologies of HANCOM group.
  • Our global leading blockcahin technology provide
    whole new different level of gold trading services:
    Digital Gold Exchange, P2P Gold Platform, Gold e-Commerce, and etc.


  • Digital Gold Trading Service
    • Issue digital guarantee for gold based on blockchain technology
    • Guarantee transparent gold transaction process
  • Digital Pawnshop Service
    • Support for rapid money and mortgage loans through the appraisal of a certified appraiser(online)
    • Valuables, gold collateral financial service
  • Digital Digital Gold Trading Service

    The easy and simple way to deposit,
    transfer, buy, and sell your gold online
    with our secure and satisfying service.

  • Blockchain Blockchain-based Certificate of Authenticity

    Our transparent and secure blockchain technology allows tracking
    the movement of goods from raw materials source to sales
    with our digital certificate of authenticity

  • Resale Resale Market

    Fast and secure P2P gold platform
    trading gold and precious metal
    for individuals and companies

  • Store Off-line Gold Store

    Purchase customized gold products and
    high quality art collaboration merchandise
    from many famous artists